“We had problems printing pdf files created by our CAD software. Due to various fonts, letters were sporadically missing when plotting. Mr Eisfeld analysed the problem in depth and spared no effort and time until he was able to offer us a solution that we could work with. Customer service is very important here.”
Service Gfrörer, Germany

“I have been using the Posterjet software for several years without any problems. If I don’t understand something or can’t get it to work as I want, no problem. One call to Mr Eisfeld. It is unbelievable how well he knows printers! He patiently explains everything. Until everything works as desired. Many, many thanks”
Mick Schäfer, Deutschland

“The advisor was most helpful and managed to resolve a most difficult situation around the server with old software. We went from no connection to printing posters again in a matter of minutes. Highly recommendable and extremely helpful. Can rely on for prompt and accurate service… 5 Stars….”
Trevor C., Business Process Services, Ricoh UK Ltd.

“I rang PosterJet yesterday evening with a software problem where the software would not launch for me. The phone was answered by a very helpful gentleman. Before he even looked at the problem he assured me that he would resolve the issue. He took control of my PC through TeamViewer. He analysed my problem and got working on it straight away. He was very knowledgeable and confident that the issue would be resolved, after about 15 minutes he solved the problem and the software was launched. He then discovered that my IP settings had changed and the software could not connect to my HP 5000. After another few minutes he also resolved this issue. PosterJet support were a pleasure to deal and resolved my issues very quickly in a friendly and polite manner. All the best for the Future”
Cathal Temple, Temple Printing Co. Ltd., Athlone, Co. Westmeath, Irland

“I would like to thank you for your cordial support from yesterday, for the quick remote help and the problem-free cooperation with you and your company without any bureaucracy. I greatly appreciate personal support which works without the ‘usual’ ticket system. You are indeed a refreshing exception!”
Tobias Bochmann, IT Management / Administration & Netzwerk, Baby Smile GmbH, Chemnitz

” Many thanks for the instant help, without which we would not have had the chance to continue our work. Once again this shows how important it this to have a competent German partner with a first-class product. This has to be said !! ;-))”
Stefan Schlöffel, ZS-Kopie, Bendorf / Rhein

” Thank you very much for the Remote Support. We use PosterJet for many years professionally and with great satisfaction in our repro department. Our new Canon Pro 4000-S is far more productive thanks to PosterJet. The PosterJet Team has an extensive knowledge in the field of graphic applications and is a worthy business partner for our repro department. For professional printing in the Netherlands visit: www.reproontwerpfabriek.nl. We look forward to continuing our collaboration with PosterJet in the future.”
Mark Schaeffer, Facilitymanager / IT Manager, KuiperCompagnons, Netherlands

” Thanks to your professional and fair support I – as a single-person business – am able to continue serving my demanding customers in a highly competent and objective way. For more than 10 years PosterJet has rendered excellent services to me, thanks to its great user-friendliness. To my knowledge there is no better solution. I like to express my gratitude to the whole team at Eisfeld. My best wishes for continued a engineering work and inventions in the accustomed quality ‘Made in Germany’. Thumbs up”
K. Wingeyer, digi plot factory, Switzerland

” Many thanks for your superbe Hotline support. The speed with which you have teackled and resolved the issue was impressive. Once again, many thanks!”
Peter Weiers, Werbefolien Weiers, Germany

” I am deeply impressed by the customer service rendered by PosterJet. I would like to particularly single out Mr. Robert Eisfeld for his professional, yet friendly service, to my company these past years. The product has lived up to and exceeded expectations; but it is the customer service that goes beyond the call.”
Meston Malone, MCP Consultants (Long Look, Tortola/ British Virgin Islands)

” We are very grateful to you for the PosterJet support. We had some problems with printer drivers in Windows 8 and 7 (64 bit) as these would not install easily. Thanks to your friendly and very professional help everything works well now.”
Marcel de Graaf, (Copy76, Groningen / Netherlands)

“Since 9 years I have been working to my complete satisfaction with PosterJet (8 out of 9 years with version 6.5). Nearly one year ago the purchase of a new printer and computer system forced me tot o update my RIP solution. After a few trials with different software RIPs I came back to use PosterJet (this time verison 8.6). I am a scenic designer and visual artist and therefor work completely intuitiv, means: I do not wish to struggle with complicated manuals.
Usage of PosterJet is easy and above all the support provided by Mr. Eisfeld is excellent (the setup under the competent supervision of Mr. Eisfeld took less than 15 minutes).
I continue to print show stage sets in the dimensions of 12m x 5m (with an HP Z3200) without any wastage, stable and save.”

Jeremias H. Vondrlik, (scenic designer and visual artist)

“It is important to us that all processes throughout the workflow are handled smoothly and quickly. Large format printers, color management and RIP software do not always go hand in hand here, but with PosterJet we managed to optimize our workflow from the beginning. The fast and professional support by Mr. Eisfeld and his team was also a great help.

At this company customer satisfaction is still the most important goal. After only one phone call the technical support begins the problem solving. This saves time and money. For that we want to express our gratitude to the Eisfeld Datentechnik GmbH.”

Uwe Fischer (Hessisches Landesmuseum Darmstadt)

“Since I started using the PosterJet RIP software I can not imagine how I ever worked without this excellent tool. This powerful tool increases not only the quality but also productivity and efficiency many times over! But also in the terms of service the Eisfeld Datentechnik company is setting an example. The support team is really helpful when working with the program, installation and much more – and fast, knowledgeable and friendly.

In addition, Mr. Eisfeld is an outspoken expert on the Image ProGraph printer series from Canon and is able to provide many valuable hints for permanent and trouble-free operation. Commitment and competence of such entrepreneurs establish the good reputation of “made in Germany.”

Sven Erik Klein (Image Photo, Saarbrücken)

„We would like to express our deep gratitude to the whole PosterJet-Team for helping us to reinstate our plotter. Your service exceeds any customer’s expectations by far and we are glad to have you by our side.
Fast, friendly, competent and allways up-to-date, a callback is not just an empty promise here. This how service is should be like. Fully Recommanded!
You are now on top of your list if we run into any further problems all about large format printing. Many thanks again!“

Olaf Triltsch (Düssel-Druck & Verlag GmbH, Düsseldorf)

„I wish to thank you for the excellent, competent, friendly, and patient support. Regarding PosterJet there’s nothing more to say, apart from the software being the best and easiest to operate application that I have ever used in large-format color printing. We print onto a Canon iPF8000S plotter. Once again, many thanks and the wish that you keep up the good work.“

Thomas Selgrad, Gold Coast, Siemens VAI Metals Technologies GmbH, Austria


Dennis Richardson, Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia

„I wish to thank the very friendly and competent people from PosterJet support for their help (even after regular business hours). Such support is extremely hard to find nowadays. Please carry on like this!“

Michael S., Austria

“I just want to thank you for the support you gave us during the re-implementation of PosterJet software, following unfortunate interruption in our business. I felt it was quite a privilege to receive a personal attention directly from the company managing director, but I quickly realized that you have in place an excellent organization and support tools, which allows even someone in your position to get effectively engaged if necessary. We were able to use software within few minutes. This is very impressive!

We have been using PosterJet since 2006 and I have to say that software was from the start instrumental in supporting two very important aspects of our business. Firstly, it allows us to utilize our printers, inks and printing material in the most economical way, resulting in big saving of time and material. Secondly, which is even more important for us, PosterJet produces superior quality output, which we could not achieve with other RIP software. Art Petrus is known in the industry as a leader in Art Reproduction and PosterJet is contributing every day to our success. Thank you.”

Peter RADZIM – ART PETRUS (Monaco)

“For the last 8 years we have been a satisfied customer of PostertJet. We currently print on a new Canon IPF 8400. The workflow between Poster Jet, the profiled media, and the printer is perfect. If there should be any issue at some point you get a fast, unbureaucratic and highly competent service.”

Gerald Kungel – Digitaldruck Picker and Kungel GbR (Berlin)

“We produce various fine art prints for exhibitions on our Canon iPF series printers. Our discerning customers are mostly photographers that can be found in the world of art. Obtaining reproducible results with exact color values is equally important as to the perfect harmony of paper and ink. I see Canon’s unrivaled quality on its iPF-printers complemented by the PosterJet software that is serving as an ideal tool for any LFP-user. PosterJet will significantly improve the output quality and will help to incrase the total customer satisfaction with his LFP-solution substantially.”

Michael Rogosch – Fotodesign (Dortmund)

“Exemplary! We have never experienced such an outstanding support. Eisfeld has pulled the chestnuts out of the fire a couple times for us and always ensured that we were able to deliver our prints on time.”

Uli Deus, Advertising Agency zweipunktnull GmbH

“I would like to thank Eisfeld Datentechnik once again for the brilliant and fully reliable service. I have *NEVER* experienced such exemplary service quality when dealing with other software companies. So, the *Diamonds* still exist in the widely cited *Service Desert* in Germany.”

Ralf Schröder, PRISMA (Germany)

“Art is in the eye of the beholder. Quality isn’t – it’s a measurable parameter. We work with high-quality and costly printing media and cannot afford misprints. That’s why it is all the more satisfying that PosterJet supports all of our media and achieves excellent output results with the help of the supplied color profiles. Only two mouse clicks are required to send a print to production. That is unprecedented in the LFP field.”

Charles van der Heyden (ASAP Photographic Services, Belgium)

“Wow! Excellent customer service! I’m more than impressed!”
Hauge S. Eivind (Canon Business Center, Norway)

“We currently work with 2 LFP printers and with PosterJet since only recently. The software processes all file formats and outputs gigabyte-sized data in seconds. The controls are simply and intuitively designed and require no time-consuming training or specialists. The unique performance allows us to respond extremely flexibly, as we can advertise special prices with mega-posters in a matter of only a few minutes. PosterJet is an absolute plus and the fastest RIP that we have ever used.”

Sebastian Mrowietz (Media Markt Köln, Germany)

“The tremendous amount of data in 3500 unique images that were radioed by the cameras of the two Mars rovers “Spirit” and “Opportunity” to the Earth caused a great sensation and enormous public interest. With PosterJet, we found an excellent solution for printing the world-famous 39-foot panorama image of the Gusev crater quickly and accurately and making it available to more than 150 museums and planetariums in the shortest possible time.”

Kris Capraro (NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory, USA)

“I am a digital artist and print all my images with PosterJet and Canon onto Canvas – stretched and tacked onto stretcher frames before they are displayed. With PosterJet I do not need to care for color settings (color accuracy is highly important to me) – PosterJet handles this delicate task without any problem. Reproduction of color is just at its best. Service and support are, even if you do not have a service contract in place, just fantastic!!! Please find out for yourself and visit my homepage www.gerdgrabner.com. My next exhibition will be held in Austria, Kurzentrum Bad Traunstein, from October 23, 2012 until January 2013.”

Gerd Grabner (Photographer in Austria)

“We were able to retrieve the information that PosterJet is probably the best software of its kind from the press and the internet. But we possibly couldn’t know in advance that the customer service and support delivered by Eisfeld Datentechnik GmbH & Co. KG is likewise outstanding. This service can, without exaggeration, only be described as outstanding. Always friendly, competent, and there when you need it. We are really delighted that we decided upon PosterJet and Eisfeld Datentechnik.”

Nils H. Walter (NHW Concept & Design. Berlin, Germany)

“Early this year, we startet to print everything ourselves, much to the regret of our professional Photolab we used before. Because we operate in 7 countries, which generates lots of work, our workflow is very important. A supplier recommended PosterJet, actually there was not so much competition at all. I can tell you, we are very excited about the ease of use and the productivity of PosterJet. It helps me to structure the production, work faster and more effective; even with orders of different countries.

Working along with the software it offers me more and more possibilities. Wanted to share this with you.”

Engelbert Visscher (Babyfotograaf, 48683 Ahaus)

“I can only recommend PosterJet. PosterJet is easy-to-use. We are printing perfect output just by using the media profiles that came with the software, without the need to first perform cumbersome calibration or profiling of the printer. The service and support provided by the PosterJet Team is the best and utmost friendliest. – THANK YOU”

R.G., Photographer in Austria

“The product is tremendous and unbelievably easy to use. RIPing during printing appeals to me in particular, as we work with large graphics files (200-500mb) daily…”

Jon Smith (Van Riet & Louw Landscape Architects, South Africa)

“Our Media Center staff is extremely pleased with the quality and ease of use associated with PosterJet 7 Small Business Edition. It has turned out to be a wonderful investment…”

David Weiss (Nazareth College of Rochester)

“PosterJet has an extremely user friendly design and the user interface is in line with our workflow. All features are clearly structured and simple to find. We printed a job with 49 files overnight, without any problems or malfunctions…”

Rolf Dobner (Buchstabensysteme Dobner, Germany)

“PosterJet is by far the easiest to use, easiest to support and is extraordinarily stable, which is particularly important for service providers and manufacturers of signs. Keep up the good and consistent work.”

Juha Tarvaine (SERI-DECO OY, Finland PosterJet Distributor)

“I have been using PosterJet since CeBIT 2002. In my experience, it is the best contrived RIP that I have ever used. I have since printed several hundred square meters of media on my printer…and without a single misprint.”

Olaf Alterman (Altermann Medien, Germany)

“We have recently upgraded our old printer with PosterJet. This allowed us to multiply our output considerably, and we finally had color control with ICC profiles. It really cannot be any more efficient.”

Bernd Vieregge (P&P, Germany)

“PosterJet stands out with incredibly user friendly operation and reliable, fast processing of data. PosterJet accomplishes printouts of 3D renderings in original size without effort and in brilliant photo quality.”

Stephan Meise (Honda R&D Europe, Germany)

“We have used PosterJet in our business since our inception. I can honestly say that I do not think we would have been able to get up and running as quickly without the PosterJet solution. The fact that PosterJet starts printing in 7 seconds still amazes me and our production people. The ease-of-use is great, very intuitive, and required virtually no training. PosterJet gets my highest recommendation.”

William Loeber (The Photo Art People)

“There is a lot good software in the market, but only Eisfeld Datentechnik delivers a perfect software called PosterJet, and takes customer requirements serious; their support is unique and excellent!

In times of help or questions on software or installation I was always given exhaustive answers and extensive help. The support team helped me until all questions and issues had been resolved. I am completely enthusiastic about this software, the help and support!”

Kolja Kienast (Print Shop Copy Clara, Berlin)

“As a PosterJet reseller we highly appreciate the ease of use of the PosterJet RIP and the excellent service and support. If an error occurs that we cannot solve, we always receive useful hints that will help us to resolve the issue. Even untrained users among our customers manage to produce all types of output with PosterJet immediately and without problems. You can’t print easier and more convenient than with PosterJet!”

Christoph Bildl (Silverlab Solutions GmbH)

“We were not able to install the PosterJet Client during an installation. Eisfeld Datentechnik was able to resolve the problem by assisting our engineer during a remote desktop session. Excellent and real-time support. Thank you.”

André Wildner (KWS Jost Klingenschmidt & André Wildner GbR)

“I have been using Poster Jet for years now and I can tell you that not only is the product user friendly but excellent to work with. The support (even though it comes from Germany) is superior to any other product that I have used. I highly recommend them.”

Fred Miller, Pro Lam (Monroe, USA)

“Congratulations on your PosterJet support: one-of-a-kind, straightforward and absolutely professional. No phone queue, no long talks and promises, but real help so that everything works perfectly again…. Thank you very much.”

Sigi Kormann, Schweiz

We are a photolab with a number of services, a large part of XXL-prints, including a photo studio. We attach a great importance to workflow, but also to perfect color management. In PosterJet we have found our solution, to offer high quality Posters and enlargements of our studio work.

With his personal and vivid explanations Mr. Eisfeld has contributed a lot to the fact that understand the color management /color profiles between PC and printer much better and that we can confidently apply it.

I would like to take this opportunity to say “Thank you”! At this point we fully recommend the software and the team behind PosterJet.”

Axel Westdörp, FOTO W – Emden

“Thank god that there are PosterJet engineers, with real people using it in mind. Not like some piece of rip engineered for sale figures, like some others out there.”

Frank Hoekstra, Print2Metal, Malvern, Australia

“To the PosterJet service engineers: many thanks for the remote desktop support that helped us to resolve the issue we faced. I was so happy about the patience and friendliness, that in many cases no longer exist today, when help was given to us.”

K. Eggers, Foto Eggers

“Thank you for the quick help :)”

Markus Brummel, CopyPoint Paderborn