We are thrilled to announce the launch of PosterJet 8.75 PRO, a significant update that brings enhancements and new features to our software. This version introduces exciting functionalities, performance improvements, and the latest printer plugins to ensure seamless operation. You’ll find some features readily available in the PosterJet Client for a more intuitive experience, while others have been integrated into the Server Tool to boost both speed and stability. For detailed information or inquiries, please feel free to reach out to us directly.

New printer plug-ins

  • The following printers are now fully supported in PosterJet 8.75 PRO:
    • Canon imagePROGRAF PRO-2600/PRO-4600/PRO-6600
    • Canon imagePROGRAF GP-2600S/GP-4600S/GP-6600S
    • Canon imagePROGRAF PRO-526/PRO-546/PRO-566
    • Canon imagePROGRAF GP-526S/GP-546S/GP-566S
    • Canon imagePROGRAF TM-240/TM-250/TM-255
    • Canon imagePROGRAF TM-340/TM-350/TM-355
    • Canon imagePROGRAF TM-5240/TM-5250/TM-5255
    • Canon imagePROGRAF TM-5340/TM-5350/TM-5355
    • HP PageWide XL PRO 8200

    Windows 11 compability

    Already with release of PosterJet 8.7 PRO we were proud to present full Windows 10 compatibility. Since development is always under way, also we have to adjust our software to the newest operating systems or technologies. We did this in version 8.75 PRO to guarantee full functionality on Windows 11.

    New features in and around PosterJet

    To give our customers an even better overview of all print jobs handled by PosterJet we developed the PosterJet Job Watcher and PosterJet Job Tracker. These two powerful tools allow all users of PosterJet 8.7 PRO to handle and analyze print jobs in more detail, to even further improve the PosterJet experience. We also were able to implement an new way of communication between PosterJet and Canon iPF printers.

      Improved Bidirectional communication with Canon iPF printers

      • Especially when using numerous Canon iPF printers we were able to reduce the time span between the start of PosterJet and receiving printer information. With this improvement printers in PosterJet go online only a few seconds after startup and are ready to receive print data.

      PosterJet Job Watcher

      • This new tool gives customers the ability to gain a complete overview over all current print jobs in PosterJet for all printers at the same time. This allows the customer to check all print queues simultaneously without switching between printers. Further more the Job Watcher has plenty of job handling functions.

      PosterJet Job Tracker for certain Canon iPF printers

      • The PosterJet Job Tracker provides excellent overview of printed jobs will help you calculate the costs for each individual job. It connects to a given iPF printer and extracts job information for either a certain date or a number of recently printed jobs. If the user provides prices for ink and paper, PosterJet Job Tracker will calculate and display the exact costs for each print job so that you now enjoy a reliable post-production calculation.

      Nest job tracking

      • In order to better track printed nest jobs, we added a unique nest job ID to the name of each individual nest job. This ID will be displayed in the printer job log once the nest job has been printed.

      New database PostGreSQL

      • In PosterJet 8.75 PRO the used database PostGreSQL was updated to version 10. This new database allows PosterJet to run even smoother on older PCs. It is more reliable than the previous version and requires far less resources than for example Microsoft SQL Express Server. We also included a new backup feature into the Admin Tool allowing you to easily back up your database and restore it after a system crash with only minimal intervention.
      • In addition we now offer a tool to wipe out the PosterJet database. This can be used to reset the PosterJet database and delete all print jobs. The cleaner will reset the database to its factory status. You can download the tool here.

      Dongle drivers

      • PosterJet 8.75 PRO comes with the latest dongle drivers by Thales®. This package does not only contain drivers for Windows 10 but also fixes a couple of problems on older Windows operating systems.


      • Since even we are not perfect, once again we removed several bugs in the current release that came to our attention, in order to further improve stability and increase performance.


    Please note that PosterJet comes in 3 different editions supporting large-format printers from 17″ up to 64″.